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About us
STEEL Services Social Platform
The birth of LG STEEL, accompanied by the platformization of steel service industry, is the outcome of the constant development in the past two decades. As a major project in the Comprehensive Zone of Shanghai Steel Service Industry (Belonging to National Twelfth Five-year Plan), it shoulders the responsibilities of promoting transformation and upgrading of domestic industry by informationization. Ultimately, It provides a steel services social platform for industrial enterprises.
LG STEEL, recognized as the initiated omnibus e-commercial platform for offering bulk commodities in China, provides a series of on-line services for purchasing, marketing, processing, distributing, supply-chain financing, on-line paying, logistics tracking, electronic documents and on-line shop opening.

Consequently, customers can enjoy the economical, practical, and high-quality services for steel products through the most convenient and fastest way.

Besides, the Net provides a steel services social platform for suppliers to distribute their steel products and services, and also offers all-round services for buyers who need finance support.

By integrating both online and offline services, LG STEEL creates a steel services social platform. Based on all this above, one brand-new ecological steel industrial chain emerges, and completes the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure of steel service from low level to high level. It commits itself to making the users enjoy their business in the way of easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to operate.

Trade Feature
limited resources, massive information and mainstream product from each major steel mills will satisfy various requirement from customer, moreover, customer can choose what they need not restricted by the time and the place. The member of LG STEEL can check Category, description, grade, steel mill, packing ,specification, weight and the price through the internet.
Taking vertical marketing mode, the “one-button operation” including purchase, sell, processing and distribution, truly realize online business on LG STEEL, as a result, the whole trade is completely informationized and speed up trade progress.
LG STEEL has a credible supervision system to safeguard the rights and interests of suppliers and users. This credible supervision system including electronic supervision, requirements for market access, real-name register and vendor selection, all these guarantee the product quality and trade safety.
Searching steel product through LG STEEL, customer can save many unnecessary cost, and the whole business become easier.
Suppliers' quotation , customers' enquiry, online negotiation and other processes of trading are transparent on LG STEEL and can be checked by each business part.

In recent years, over capacity and unsettled inventory are surrounding each steel mill, however, the end-users are deeply upsetting by the lack of resources. Steel trader still aimlessly search for customers by telephone or fax, production and consumption are detached.
Chinese steel industry exists the problem of oversupply, but the main economic model is still oriented by production. An innovation in steel industry that prompted by E- commence is coming, LG STEEL with the idea of “easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate” will open a new era of steel industry.
In order to let customer know the steel market price, there are about 5000 suppliers on LG STEEL, moreover, more than 50000 end-users exchange the price online.

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